Thursday, November 1, 2012

Interview with the COO of the Innovative New Company,

As online marketing expands, its becoming more accessible for everyone. No longer does successful online marketing require huge monthly ad spending and massive SEO campaigns. Recently, a new company has brought to the sales market an innovative marketing service that is designed specifically for territory based sales representatives. The company is This company provides a comprehensive online marketing solution that is geo-targeted for a sales rep’s territory. The company provides a platform that helps a sales rep gain notoriety and visibility in their territory with online search marketing, social media marketing and online advertisements.

I had the chance to sit down with COO Ryan Corey to discuss how his company is paving a completely new path for success in outside sales.

Will: What is your background and how did it bring you to launch 

Ryan: I actually started my career as a territory based sales rep, or district manager for ADP. I did that for a year and half or so with some success and some tough times as well. I then moved on in 2003 when I was presented with an opportunity to become a marketing and sales person for a small firm. I immediately sunk the majority of my time in to learning web marketing, which was a really new medium at the time. We had a ton of success from that point forward. I also had the chance to start my own website on the side, that took off and I sold that after about three years.

The launch of this company came as the result of knowing what internet marketing can do for anyone and anything and the fact that there is no solution out there for outside sales reps. There really is no good reason why there is no other company like ours. Internet marketing is extremely effective and very cost efficient.

Will: It appears as though the service is basically three pronged. Including online search, social media and online ads. Can you briefly explain these?  

Ryan: Sure. First we establish a website for the rep that allows them to show up in local search results for searches that relate to their product or service within their region. The website we establish for them also helps to establish their name as a brand, which is something that many sales thought leaders like yourself talk about frequently. The website stays active with monthly blog posts that relate to their industry, product or service, which further builds credibility and their brand.

The social media part of the service focuses mainly on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. We grow these accounts, build followings of people in the sales rep’s industry and region and we specifically target their prospects and the people associated with the organizations they are selling to.

The online ads are extremely powerful. We geo-target the ads so that we make the sales rep and their product or service specifically known to their targets before they make a call to set the appointment. These ads will make the rep well known to their prospects in a similar way that the most successful real estate agents put their message all over a community in which they work. The real estate agent becomes a well-known figure, long before their future clients need to buy or sell their home. Its further branding and notoriety in their sales territory.  

Will: How does the company set up and manage a sales rep when they sign on with you?  

Ryan: Each new sales rep is assigned to an account manager. The account manager handles the set up and daily duties that are involved in growing the sales rep’s presence. These are trained and knowledgeable online marketers that know what to look for in optimizing an account month after month.

Will: What expectations should a sales rep have when signing on with your firm. 

Ryan: Just like any other form of marketing, it takes a steady approach over time. Sure there can be some immediate success, the service can generate phone calls or emails at any time. But ultimately, the campaign needs to continue to run to ramp up. As it does, we gather more data on what is working for that particular rep, in that particular territory, with that particular product or service that they sell. As we gather more data, we are able to tweak settings, test more and optimize the campaign. I would say though, so far with our early clients, month three seems to be an impact point.