Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is Hiring Salespeople From Your Competitors Always the Right Thing to Do?

I recently ran across an article by Lee B. Salz titled "Beware of Hiring Your Competitor's Sales People". Lee makes some great points on why focusing purely on hiring salespeople from competitors in your industry is a bad idea. While I'm not totally against hiring salespeople from your competitors, I certainly agree with Lee's main points in his article.

If you are a salesperson making a transition to another company in the same industry, you definitely need to have a great explanation ready for your customers (especially if this involves bringing your old customers over to your new company). "I'm making better money" would not be a great answer. "My company was sold, so I'm not sure what the future will hold for either one of us" would be an example of a great explanation. Whatever the circumstances, make sure your message is very clear to your customers on why you are leaving.

Please check out Lee's article by clicking here.