Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sales Happenings Around the Web...

Yes – I am still alive. Many of you emailed me, and I want to apologize for posting so little in the last couple of months. I’m planning on getting back to providing some really good material here on Top Sales Blog between now and the end of the year. Unfortunately, I have been very busy in other ventures as of late – but hope to get back on the “horse” very soon as sales theory & discussion is my passion.

First, I wanted to give a quick “shout out” to Brad Trnavsky over at Sales Management 2.0. Brad has launched a new Sales E-Book that is really good, and I would encourage you to get his free download when you get an opportunity. The book is on Sales 2.0, so if you are interested in Sales 2.0 you should definitely take advantage of it. If you don’t know what Sales 2.0 is or have never heard of it, you most certainly need to download this book to get up to speed with your competitors!

Also, on top of having the best community sales management website – Brad is backing this up by also having the best sales podcast on the web, too. Please make sure to check out the Sales Management 2.0 podcast. He is posting a 45-60 minute interview every week from published authors and sales experts from around the web focusing on specific topics. It is not just for sales management folks, either. If you work in sales in any capacity whatsoever, I would encourage you to give his sales podcast a visit. I really enjoyed his recent interview with Tom Schaber. is offering a free B-to-B Intelligence Day on Aug 26. If you are looking for leads (as all salespeople and sales managers should be!), you should take part in this free trial. You will have free and unlimited access to deep intelligence on 45 million professionals at 5 million companies for a 24-hour period. Please visit the Sign-Up Page to get on the list.

A new book coming out that I will be reading is Own the Room: Business Presentations that Persuade, Engage, and Get Results by Deborah Shames and David Booth. The following is a "teaser" which was communicated to me about the book:

These tips go against the grain of traditional presentation advice, but they work. For example:

•Having a CEO present alone is often the worst mistake you can make.
•Don’t open with a joke! You’re not that funny.
•Don’t lead with your name and your business. No one will remember you.
•The goal of your presentation is always to persuade, not to educate.
•You must have a specific role, and it should NOT be an “expert.”

For more information on the authors and Own the Room, please visit:


Michael is an expert at - said...

Thank goodness someone finally writes about a better way to deliver presentations! The old advice is - well, old. The psychology of presenting is based on organizing your information into no fewer than three buckets of information. Problem, Resource and Payoff. If you don't organize your presentation like that, you'll only confuse your audience. But, what have we seen over and over again, ad nauseum? Tell a joke, tell a story, give examples - and by that time, no one in the audience has a clue what the hell you're talking about. It's no wonder that the average audience remembers only 10% of the middle of any prestentation. Hell, they're asleep!

Michael Lovas

John said...

That was an insightful post.

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Dan said...

What do you think about Zoominfo? I used the free trial but have had hit and miss with the leads? Do you subscribe to it? Just curious what someone thought of it that actually used it.

Anonymous said...


As long as you're mentioning books, here's one to consider (also an e-book) -- Mark Paul's "How To Attract Significantly More Customers in Good Times and Bad." Available at

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