Friday, July 10, 2009

Give Em’ the “Goodies” in Your Presentation

Good presentations can be extremely effective when trying to “turn” a prospective customer. While there is usually too much emphasis that is put on this part of the sale (i.e. “the close”), it is not doubt an important part of the sales process in most cases.

When giving presentations, salespeople often spend too much time on the wrong things. For the most part, prospects really don’t care more...


Brian Casto said...

Indeed the goodies are what the customers want to see. A good focus on content and a respectable focus on form are a great combination.

Steve Waterhouse said...

So true. If the clients sees the value, the price won't be an issue.

Steve Waterhouse

Adam said...

I agree, too much focus on talking about yourself and your product. Most important element for your audience is how you can help them, immediately. If that is not in the front end of the presentation, you will loose your audience.


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