Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Your Faith Can Knock Out Fear" by Gene Tunney

When I was a child, my parents purchased an older book for me about famous sport figures and the struggles they had gone through in their lives. While I don't remember the exact title of the book, I still have remembered to this day a short story written by a former heavyweight boxing champion, Gene Tunney. I'm also a little partial to Tunney, as Tunney was in the Marines just like I was.

Tunney lays out a great story of how his faith was an integral part of how he became the heavyweight champion. I was fortunate enough to actually find this on the web, and I wanted to pass this along to everybody.

In all walks of life in whatever we choose to pursue, the fear of failure is always one of the biggest obstacles. The believe in one's self is the only medicine of prevention we can take to ward off this enemy. Tunney lays this out perfectly in how his faith allowed him to defeat Jack Dempsey (one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all-time) not once but twice.

Please take the time to read this four-page story which will hopefully inspire you to overcome your fears.

"Your Faith Can Knock Out Fear" by Gene Tunney


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