Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Should You Do as a Salesperson When Your Company is For Sale?

Shaun Priest over at Closer Q had a great question from one of his readers this week about what to do when your company or a division within your company is for sale. I actually encountered this once myself in my own sales career. Other than the great advice which Shaun once again gives, I also think he hit the nail on the head in his rule of thirds. Most often, a third of the people stay, a third of the people are let go, and a third of the people leave on their own according to Shaun. In my own experience in which the company I worked for at the time was sold, this was exactly the case. Please be sure to check out his latest post when you get an opportunity. Even if you don't see this sort of event on the horizon in your near future, it is a great post on how to deal with it should it come to pass at some point.


The Closer said...

Nice practical advise Mr Fultz.

There are so many things to trigger a sales midlife crisis:

Your company being sold is definitely one of the top ones up there with divorce.

Stay Frosty
The Closer

From the Author: Will Fultz said...

Thanks for your comment...

Will Fultz