Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recruiting is Critical to Being Successful in Sales Management

The term sales management is very misleading, because the emphasis is really on the word “management” and not “sales”. Ultimately, this means the game changes dramatically for an individual who is making the jump from salesperson to sales manager.

While there are many responsibilities that come with being employed in sales management, perhaps none can turn around the sales equation quite as fast as effective recruiting. You can have the best sales strategy and plan around, but it means very little if you don’t have the quality personnel in place to carry out the plan of attack. At the same time, (more...)

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Ralph Burns said...

Taking one of your sales reps out for lunch is a very good point. In fact I agree with that suggestion.

For one meal, forget you are colleagues and that you're his boss in the office. For now, you are simply buddies enjoying each other's company over lunch. That's one way to make a deposit into your sales reps' Trust Account. Make a large enough deposit over time, and you can expect great results on a regular basis.

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