Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winners in All Professions Always Rise to the Occasion in Their Darkest Hour

It is my firm belief that winners in all professions always rise to the toughest occasions to become victorious.

On September 17, 1954, the current heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano was facing off for the second time in a title defense against Ezzard Charles. In their first match-up, Charles had went the distance with Rocky in fifteen rounds but had lost by a decision on the scorecards.

In their second fight, Charles landed a punch in the 7th round which had split Marciano's nose very badly. The referee told Rocky and his corner that he would allow him to fight just one more round. He would then have to stop it after that because of the severeness of the cut. Because the cut was caused by punch, a stoppage by the referee would mean that Charles would win by a TKO and become the heavyweight champion.

Keep in mind, Charles had went the distance with Rocky in their previous fight. Charles was also a dangerous fighter, and had even killed a man in the ring. Against all odds and knowing the only way he could retain his title was by winning with a knockout in the following round, Rocky came out and put away Charles with a knockout in the 8th. Marciano went on to retire as the only undefeated heavyweight champion in history, with a 49-0 record with 43 knockouts. This was only made possible by the way Rocky had risen to the occasion when he was put in the worst possible position.

In sales or in life in general, you will face such a challenge at some point regardless of how talented you are. If you are prepared and believe in yourself, you will rise to the occasion to become victorious. Winners always do what no one else believes they can do. Marciano's career serves as one story of many of how winners always rise to the occasion in their darkest hour.

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