Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why Should You Focus on Building Your Own Credibility First as a Saleperson?

It is certainly critical in sales to have credibility. It is also important for a prospective customer to have faith not only in the salesperson, but the company that they will be doing business with, too. If this is the case, why should the salesperson's own street cred be put ahead of the company's credibility in the sales process?

There are certainly many reasons why this should be done in the correct order. First, if your own credibility is confirmed, isn't it natural for the customer to trust your company as well? Don't you think that if you are providing outstanding sales representation for your company, that it will be assumed that your company is trustworthy and respected for hiring an outstanding individual?

Secondly, how many times have we seen good companies that are represented by poor salespeople? Indeed, many times prospective customers have a good opinion of the company only not to buy because the salesperson has poor personal credibility or lacks any sort of professional selling skills.

And lastly, don't you want to be recognized as a trustworthy and credible individual by your customers? Is their a possibility you might work for somebody else in the future? You bet their is. If your sale with your customer is only built with your company's credibility, how can you expect to do business with them again if you move to another company or industry. While you certainly owe it to your own company to build their reputation among your customers, it is wildly important you don't leave yourself out in the process.

Whatever you do, do not make the mistake of not building your own credibility first in your sales interactions with your prospects and customers. After all, a lack of personal sales credibility is a major obstacle that keeps so many salespeople from being successful.

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Ian Brodie said...

I'd certainly agree with you here Will. build your own credibility and it will "rub off" on your company anyway by virtue of association.

But the other way round - how can anyone build trust in a corporation - or people they've never met. It just doesn't happen. So start with your own relationship first.