Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't Waste Your Time with Scripted "Talking Points" in Sales

As we all know, political parties and politicians regularly use "talking points" to further their message & political ambition. While one could argue in either direction on whether or not this is actually successful, I would certainly avoid scripted talking points with your prospects and customers.

Day in and day out, all of us get hammered with marketing from TV ads, radio ads, newspapers, billboards, Internet ads, and yes - salespeople. Do you really think your prospective customer has time to hear a scripted talking point on how great your company is? Can you not see that this will actually hurt your selling efforts?

If you are approaching prospects with statements like "my company is #1 in our industry" or "we never have customer complaints", it might be time to re-examine your selling methods. While the general public has an expectation that even politicians they vote for will lie a little, I will promise you that this courtesy will not be extended to you as a salesperson. Even if your talking points have been scrutinized to reflect the most accurate picture possible, it is only the perception that counts in sales. Never make statements that can be perceived as dishonest.

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