Sunday, January 4, 2009

How Many Christmas Cards Did You Recieve From Your Customers?

As 2008 has now closed and the sales year for 2009 has begun, it is good to measure where you stand with your customers. Hopefully, you sent out a number of hand written Christmas cards to your customers during our recent holiday season. More importantly, I would ask - "how many of your customers sent you a Christmas card?"

If you didn't receive any, don't worry or get down about it. Most salespeople don't get any from their customers, either. However, it should be a goal and a milestone when you start receiving them. I was fortunate enough to receive quite a few from my customers during this past Christmas.

When this finally occurs in your sales career, this will show you that a transformation has taken place from being an ordinary "salesperson" to a "trusted business advisor or advocate" with a particular customer. Regular sales folks don't get Christmas cards - but great business people who benefit others with their business advice do.


Rebecca Caroe said...

Hey, I agree but rather than count cards, I'd say invitations to the office christmas party. IMO only trusted advisers get to go to the 'home team' gig.
Rebecca Caroe

Nick Moreno said...

One of my vendors sent me a Christmas Card with a Starbuck’s gift card enclosed. I thought it was a nice touch and one I’ll use next year with my clients.


From the Author: Will Fultz said...


Thanks for your comments. I recently wrote about how small gifts of appreciation go a long way. That is a great idea.



From the Author: Will Fultz said...


Thanks for your remarks and the benchmark you set in your comment is a good one. I will be writing about this as well in an upcoming post.

Thanks again,


ensenadajim said...

Reminds me of a faculty meeting where we were discussing end-of-course faculty ratings - mine not being the greatest, and being somewhat taken to task for it.

My retort, "how many of you are getting email and cards from your students every year and are being invited to weddings, christenings and so on five years or more down the line and from over 100 miles away?"

Not a hand went up.

"I get about 15."

They were about faculty ratings, I was about relationships. The problem with faculty ratings being they are short-term popularity responses, not long-term, what this person meant to me, my career and my life.

From the Author: Will Fultz said...

Great point - thanks for the comment. That is a another great way to see how "strong" your relationship really is.