Sunday, December 28, 2008

Five Minutes With VITO - Here is How to Get Your Free Book

I have some really great news to pass along to everyone. I was recently selected to receive several free copies from the publisher of the new book from Anthony Parinello and David Mattson, Five Minutes With VITO. I've read Anthony's previous book - Selling to Vito, the Very Important Top Officer - and it was a great read. While I'm not as familiar with David, I am very aware of the company he currently heads, Sandler Systems, Inc. Sandler sales training has been around now for quite some time and certainly has made a positive impact on the sales world.

I'm still currently in the process of reading this book. While I have not finished it yet, I can tell you that I will endorse this book based on Anthony's previous work. I should have a review up on my blog by mid-January.

Alright, now let's get on to the good stuff. I will be giving away three (3) copies of this book here on my sales blog. Here is how you can qualify to be selected (no purchase of anything is necessary, of course). Leave a comment from now until the end of January on any posts from Dec 28, 2008 until Jan 31, 2009 (you must include your name & email address) and your name will be entered once (to keep this simple - you will only be entered once regardless of how many comments you post). If you sign up for an email subscription (located in the top right corner of the blog), you will also be entered once. Therefore, if you leave at least one comment (with email address & name) and also sign up for an email subscription you will be entered twice for the drawing.

Even if you don't win this drawing, please keep coming back as I have worked out more future giveaways for 2009. Good luck to everyone and the drawing will take place in the first week of February.


From the Author: Will Fultz said...
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Shaun said...

Could wait to win it, had to order it instead... no sense in delaying gratification in this fast moving days I guess...

From the Author: Will Fultz said...

Well, nothing is purely free is it?

Will Fultz