Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sales Bloggers Union

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be voted in and accepted as a contributing member of the Sales Bloggers Union. The Sales Bloggers Union is comprised of various sales experts from a variety of backgrounds. When you are looking for a diversity of expert opinion on the overall sales experience, I cannot imagine a better resource that exists on the web.

The Sales Bloggers Union website will feature a new topic every two weeks in which all contributing members will have a written submission that will be posted. In the current cycle, the topic is negotiations. Please make sure to check out my first article which was just published today - The Top Five Items a Salesperson Needs to Know Before Heading into Negotiations.

There were several people I would like to thank who where instrumental in getting me involved and "up to speed" as a contributing member of the group:

-Brad Trnavsky of Sales Management 2.0, who has always been willing to help me out without asking for anything in return. You planted this seed with me for this group a while back.

-Skip Anderson of Selling to Consumers, who took the time to speak with me on what was involved in being a contributing member and who helped me get "up and running".

-Nesh Thompson of Symvolli, who has also been instrumental in getting me up to speed and involved on the website.

I would also like to thank the other contributing members of the Sales Bloggers Union for allowing me to be involved with the group:

-Ian Brodie of Sales Excellence

-Tim Rohrer of Sales Loudmouth

-Tibor Shanto of The Pipeline

-Colin Wilson of The Entrepreneurial Salesman Blog

and last but not least...

-Karl Goldfield of Sales Training by Karl Goldfield

Thanks again to all of you and I look forward to offering all of our readers quality sales advice that will make a difference in their lives. I would also like to encourage my readers not only to be regular visitors to the Sales Bloggers Union, but also to the individual websites of each contributing member. May all of your sales be great ones!

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