Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama Presidential Victory Shows the Value of Great Sales Presentations

President-Elect Obama won a very clear victory this past Tuesday for the Presidency of the United States. Sure, you could break down the exit polls to see exactly how he won or make the assumption everything was in his favor with an unpopular President sitting in the White House belonging to a different political party. Looking at the larger picture, however, I believe this election all came down to great sales presentations.

Obama, did not have a wealth of experience or accomplishments to run on. His ideas and plans (just like McCain's) were not really all that specific. What he had, though, was a series of great sales presentations to the American people that he was smart, ready, different, and able to make the sort of changes that voters where looking for. His sales ability, I believe, above all else was the overriding reason he won.

There is great lesson for those of us in sales here to learn. This teaches us that if we have a product or service that is untested, has little history, or is unknown, these difficulties can be overcome with great sales presentations. It is always better to have a successful track-record on your product or service, but Obama's victory certainly emphasizes that a well thought-out strategy and plan can negate these advantages held by your competitor.

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