Monday, November 3, 2008

Never Give Up, Never Surrender in Life or Sales

One of the most beautiful things in this life is that none of us are failures until we quit. As November 4 dawns tomorrow, another Presidential election will take place. This reminded me of the famous election of 1948 in which the incumbent Democratic President, Truman, was pitted against the Republican Governor of New York, Dewey.

Dewey was so far ahead in the polls, President Truman's family actually did not believe he could win. Truman never gave up, and campaigned his heart out across most of the small towns in America. When he awoke after election day, he found that he had solidly defeated Dewey in spite of what the pollsters had predicted. The Chicago Tribune even had went to print with the story that "Dewey Defeats Truman" before the final outcome was known.

The election of 1948 will always be remembered as the biggest political "upset" in Presidential politics. More importantly, it reminds us yet again to never give up and to never surrender in life or in sales.

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Brad Trnavsky - Sales Management 2.0 said...

Great post Will. I am a sound believer in keeping a positive attitude and always driving forward no matter how bad things look. I will drive over, under, or through any obstacle before me while my peers are sitting on the sidelines complaining!

Thanks for sharing!