Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't Get Wrapped Up in Where Your Sales Reports Rate You in the Present

Sales reports are a vital tool in analyzing your sales efforts as they stand in the present. It is important to break these numbers down "shotgun style" to see your strengths and weaknesses in your sales plan as it is being carried out. While this sort of activity is critical in adjusting your strategy, don't get wrapped up on where your sales numbers stand in the present.

I can't tell you the number of salespeople and sales managers I have worked with in my career that put way too much effort into keeping a daily eye on where their sales numbers stand. Instead of spending all your time worrying or gloating about your current numbers, put this energy into something constructive for your own sales future. Remember, your sales future will be determined by your actions, not any report that your company or management team will put forth.

You can have the greatest sales plan around, but it means nothing without your actions. Never analyze your way into believing you cannot force a change in the trajectory of your sales numbers. And don't get too wrapped in your present sales reports, as the future you have the ability to create is just around the corner.

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