Sunday, October 26, 2008

Making a Sale is More Like a Sprint; Not a Marathon

Making a sale is more like a sprint, not a marathon. Look at the comparison between these two races. A sprinter in the Olympics will usually win gold by a couple hundredths of a second; a marathoner can win gold by whole minutes leaving their opponents in the dust.

The difference between making the sale and losing it will usually turn on a couple of small differences. When major competitors compete, the pricing, service, credit terms, and quality will usually be very close. The sale will instead turn on finding the answer to one more question or presenting a more qualified profit-justified solution.

My main point here is simple. Don't get down on yourself too much if you lose a big sale. Chances are, you were running very close in making the sale happen. Don't be afraid to go back and ask your prospect why you didn't get the sale. A good salesperson is always inclined to analyze what has happened. If you don't take the time to investigate, you will miss an opportunity to grow in your selling knowledge.

Remember, just like a sprinter, you probably lost by a couple hundredths of a second. And remember that in sales just as in life, we always learn more in defeat than in victory.


Lonely Paul said...
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the famous nemo said...

cool blog I am going to try to read them all, thanks for sharing.

Jim Klein said...

It is very important to learn from every sales appointment. Three questions I ask myself after every call are:

1. What did I do right?
2. What did I do wrong?
3.What would I do different the next time?

Sales Fairy said...

This is an excellent post. How often do we miss an opportunity to create better results because we don’t apply a small amount of effort beyond what we normally do?

I challenge my agents who only sell on the phone to take a step back and if they leave the phone feeling like they could have said or done something different, to learn from that experience.

All sales is a numbers game. You will not win them all, no matter how good you are. I tell a story to them that illustrates my point.

This is the story of the boy who was the greatest salesman for a well-known tanning company. There once was a little boy who couldn't speak English very well who sold suntan lotion. He would go from towel to towel holding up the suntan lotion and he would say "Suntan? Suntan?" He was the best salesman because he understood it isn't always what or how you say it, but it was the sheer numbers that made this boy the best. Remember guys this is a numbers game. You will not always win, but on the flip side you will not always lose. Stay consistent with your presentation once you have perfected it, and you will win.

emilly said...

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