Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Low Approval Ratings for President Bush Can Be Traced Directly to a Lack of Sales Ability

During President Bush's second term, he was hit with a poorly managed Hurricane Katrina relief effort, questionable government appointments, increased government deficits, and a quagmire in the Iraq War (although it has now gotten much better). Even after the Iraq War had turned around for him, he got hammered with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression as the stock market plunged along with an overall increase in the unemployment rate. With all of this in mind, it is certainly understandable that his approval ratings have reached all-time lows.

Maybe no sitting President governing under these conditions could have mid 70's in their approval ratings. I do believe, however, that President Bush could have had much higher ratings for most of his second term had he possessed better sales ability. It seemed no matter what happened during his administration in his final term, he was never able to sell his ideas effectively to the American people.

There is no better profession when starting out in your adult life than sales when it comes to learning how to influence people. Maybe if the President had a sales job at some point in his 20's, he could have had the background to influence the American people more to his favor. In any case, his lack of sales ability certainly cost him dearly in his second term in regards to his approval ratings and getting things done for the American people.

Historians concur that it takes about twenty years after a President leaves before you can judge a presidency. With a final grade that will most likely be low from the American people on his way out, President Bush must now leave his legacy in the hands of future historians and American citizens. We will never know, however, how the President could have been regarded and what he could have accomplished if he had a better ability to sell his ideas to the American people.

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