Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A "Thank You" to My Readers

I just wanted to give a quick "thank you" to my readers today. This sales blog has now been viewed in over 50 countries and in all six inhabited continents of the world (thanks Africa - I recently just hit your continent a few weeks ago!).

My fundamental goal starting out was to become the best sales blog author on the net. My primary method of attaining this goal has always been focused on providing quality material to do this. It is my firm belief that any successful blogger places this as their number one priority.

I have much more to provide in the future. Please hang around, as I have other ideas in the pipeline that you will find extremely helpful. I'm currently working on a book right now, too. I don't want to give details or a timeline, but I'm certainly in the process of doing this. Thanks again - you (my readers) have inspired me to make Top Sales Blog one of the top and best sales blog on the net!

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