Thursday, September 11, 2008

Glengarry Glen Ross in Review

Glengarry Glen Ross was an award-winning Broadway play that was from the middle 1980's. It became a movie in 1992. It also has an all-star cast, including Alec Baldwin and Al Pacino (though for some reason, I don't think they actually share a scene in the movie).

This movie presents everything wrong with sales, and I can promise you that someone who has never been in sales would walk away from this picture believing it is a dirty profession.

If you haven't seen this movie, I can tell you it is certainly worth the price. The one thing it will teach you (if you are in sales) are the viewpoints potential customers have of salespeople. For this reason alone, you should see this movie if you are in sales. Knowing how prospective customers are going to view you (in the beginning of the relationship) will make you understand how important building credibility and trust are when working in sales.

On another note, the opening speech from Alec Baldwin is great. This one scene sent me rolling on the floor in laughter. Al Pacino does a pretty good job, also. Glengarry Glen Ross will forever remind me of how many crumby sales jobs are out there. Again, this picture is a must-see if you are in sales.

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