Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Today's Sales Training is Lacking For Salespeople

I'm often very surprised at most of today's sales training. Sure they go over prospecting, presenting, and closing (what I call the "usual" suspects). Even if a sales trainer presents a unique way of selling, the trainer still tends to leave out one of the biggest changes that has come about in our business world. How can they do this with an 800 lb gorilla sitting in the room?

The gorilla I am talking about is the internet. It has forever changed our business world. Think about this. When you are purchasing a product or service, do you research it on the net? Do you price it on the net? Do you try to get reviews on the product or service from third party sources? I am betting the vast majority of salespeople, executives, and business owners almost always take a "peek" on the net when it comes to newly discovered products or services.

Don't get me wrong, face to face selling is still applicable in our business environment for many products and services. You still need to be able to master basic and advanced selling skills. However, why in the world would you ignore such a powerful force like the internet (that could increase your sales with ease)?

Many of these “so called” sales trainers have great websites and pay-per-click campaigns to get their customers. If it works for them, why are they not teaching these same methods to work for you? A big change is brewing in the selling community, and it is about to take place.


Christian A. Maurer said...

you are so right. There are though different sales trainers out there: Those with their own stuff "have been there, have done it, had success why should it not work for you". They might get into difficult time if their stories do not consider the internet. Then there are those licensed to train a particular method, which does not yet take into account the internet. They are kind of stuck until they take their own initiative. Then there are those that can adapt to the new era of the internet. Those might also be the ones with the internet sites

Although having a good website does not necessarily mean that you understand the new era. All you need is a savy webmaster.

What's the lesson here: Better make sure to test the sales trainer before letting him/her loose onto your troops

From the Author: Will Fultz said...

Thanks for the comment, Christian. I think it is pretty hard to move into the sales world without taking into account the power of the net. I've always sold in a medium size market, but have done business in far away places because I had an internet presence.

Paul Davis said...

Will, It seems likely that more and more as the economy becomes tighter that the internet will become a bigger tool. It will also greatly depend on companies ability to write good copy that will grab the interest of the buyer.
There are certainly a large number of sales trainers that are using the net, just a short browse will show how many there are.

From the Author: Will Fultz said...

Thanks for the comment, Paul. You got it, why are these sales trainers using the net? Because more and more people are going there to make purchasing decisions. Don't you think as a salesperson your customers are doing the same thing? Very few of them, however, are teaching this in their sales training to their clients.