Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Truth & Honesty in Selling Will Take You Far...

Thinking back about all the wonderful information and strategies that I have posted on this sales blog, I decided I needed to take some time out to discuss the simpler aspects of what makes a good salesperson.

If a salesperson operates with truth and honesty, this individual will go very far in selling. That means you might have to pass on a sale from time to time, take the high road instead of "bashing" your competitor, and give customers answers they don't want to hear. It sounds simple, but maintaining a truthful approach to selling is a very difficult task indeed.

Don't take this too far, either. Operating with truth and honesty doesn't mean that you pass on every little negative detail about your products or services. After all, you are a salesperson who needs to bring in numbers. But if your product or service does not fit in well for a customer, you need to have the integrity to speak up and say so.

Loyalty is built on the rock of "trust". You cannot expect your customers to give you loyalty when the foundation of trust hasn't been laid. Take these tools of trust and honesty and apply them in every sales situation. This will take you to another level in your personal "branding" and will put your name in a much higher category than your competitors.


Robyn said...

So right. My husband has a business and operates with honesty when most in his field don't. It has given him a good name in the industry, and some very loyal customers. Repeat business is what we should be aiming for, not just a quick sale.
The next generation needs to be taught a strong work ethic, because it really seems like it is disappearing sometimes!
Great post!

BMW Sydney said...

Especially as the level of investment goes up, customers need more certainty.

If you buy a $5 sandwich and it's no good, you can throw it in the bin and cut your losses. If you buy a $60K car or a $200K property or a $100K software package for your business, you can't just cut your losses if you make a wrong decision. So customers need a greater level of certainty and truth and honesty in sales form a great foundation for customers to build good buying decisions on.