Friday, August 29, 2008

Please Take Time to Vote in the New Top Sales Blog Poll!

I have listed a poll in the top right hand corner of Top Sales Blog that I would like your participation in. While I have gotten into meat & potato issues from time to time, I would like your input (my readers) as to what is the #1 topic you would like me to cover. After voting has been completed, I will put together a plan to cover this topic in detail for a two week period. In the end, you will have a detailed plan for implementing a strategy for this issue.

The four areas I have listed are the topics I will bring the most experience and insight to in regards to coverage. Please take the time to vote as your input is needed. Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing what is your top interest!

1 comment:

Christian A. Maurer said...

Good move to get closer to your readers. I hope you will get lots of valuable votes