Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why My Posts Are Short

Many of you may be wondering - why are Will's posts concerning sales strategies short in length? I number of other sales Blogs on the web publish lengthy articles in more detail. Here is why I do this, and as always, I'll keep it "short".

As a salesperson, executive, or business owner, your time is very limited. My aim is to give you daily posts that get the blood flowing, without you having to spend a great deal of time or energy in your visits. I know you will make this a daily stop, while other sales Blogs on the web might give you an article every week at best.

It is also hard to take every post I publish and incorporate it in your overall strategy. Some viewpoints you might disagree with; and because nobody is the #1 authority on selling in my book, this is certainly acceptable.

My goal is to simply get you thinking, keep you motivated, and maybe change several ways in which you operate. Incorporating just several of the strategies I discuss can give you big paydays. If I accomplish that, than I have contributed in a great way to the selling community. This is my primary goal at this Blog, more than anything else.

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