Monday, July 14, 2008

What a Gas Station Can Teach You...

I recently stopped by a gas station (or C-Store) to get a cold fountain drink after a long day in the "field". Living in the same city for seven years now, this is a gas station that I have stopped at a number of times.

There were no parking spots so I had to park by a gas pump. I got my drink and quickly headed back out to my car. What I noticed (and this jogged my memory a little) was that the price per gallon on gas was thirty cents higher per gallon than the going rate everywhere else in the city. I soon remembered this, as this gas station has been doing this for number of years.

How can they do this and stay in business you might ask? I wondered the same exact thing. First, this gas station is off of an interstate exit with very few gas stations around. Also, there are over a dozen hotels located in and around this station (rental car fill-ups, company car folks that don't pay for gas, people who need gas in a hurry, people who are out-of-towners that don't know there way around).

What can this teach a salesperson? It teaches us that as salespeople, we can always get price when we are positioned to get price. The next logical question to ask is "how can I get in that position"? That is an even better question, so stay tuned to this Blog to find out!

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