Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Products or Services Salespeople Represent Largely Determine How They are Viewed

The primary buzzword in sales for the 21st century has been "consultative selling". This type of selling has been applied to everything from telesales to actual consultants. While I have a few problems this idea of selling, (this implies you will recommend the best product or service, even if it is a competitor), I'll save that for another article.

The truth is, what you sell largely determines how you are viewed by your prospects and customers. I'll explain further. If you are a software company salesperson or sell business consulting services, chances are that your prospective customers will view you with much power and authority. If you sell commodity items that can be purchased at dozens of locations in your marketplace (examples - building materials, office equipment & supplies, etc), it is much harder to obtain a higher social status among your prospects. On some levels, I would argue it is more difficult to make large sales gains with commodity products. After all, it will usually will come down to price and color for most salespeople in closing the deal.

In short, the more technical and overall business ability the salesperson is perceived in having, the more likely the prospective customer will view this person as "credible" and "worthwhile". If you are a salesperson in a technical or business consulting field, this will come much easier (and you must work hard in maintaining a strong image). If you sell commodity products, you need to dig deep and find unique ways of presenting yourself as an "expert" to prospects. Think about it, do you really want your sales numbers to be determined by color and price?


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