Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Negative Sales Authors

Every sales author will certainly have a little negativity in their materials. After all, they are trying to sell you reading or audio materials. I find a certain amount of negativity acceptable; however, some of these authors are just plain mean and nasty.

This heavy amount negativity from certain authors is really repulsive. They will claim that sales jobs are going away, salespeople are no longer needed, and if you don't purchase their material you are going to lose your job at some point in the future. Take my advice, stay away from these types of sales authors.

If you allow this level of negativity to come into your mind it will slow your efforts in selling. You will start believing that you can't succeed, and you will be hesitant to take action. Let me remind you, action and a positive attitude are more important than any sales strategy.

Obviously, I certainly believe there are better ways of selling than the traditional formats. That is why I publish this Blog. I will say with all certainty in my heart, though, that a belief in one's self is the most important asset that any salesperson can have.



Memarie Lane said...

My husband is a car salesman, and I've been amazed to see what sells and what doesn't. He is confident, knowledgeable, and takes his time to do things right, but he doesn't sell as much as the salesmen who are pushy and rude. I think sometimes people buy out of intimidation.

Muthering Heights said...

It's great that you seek to keep from dragging others down!

Leanne said...

One thing I can't stand is a pushy salesman. I like that you rise above that.

I'll always make a point of buying from the well informed guy rather then the pushy pne that invaribly doesn't know or have any interest in his product. Thanks for a great post.