Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Less" is "More" in Selling

Many times "less" is "more" in selling. This goes back to supply and demand. If you sit by your phone waiting for phone calls and run out to meet every prospect right away, prospective customers will believe (and rightly so) that you have very little business or credibility in your industry. In short, the ample supply of your time signals the demand is low for your services.

This does not mean should not return calls promptly or adequately serve your customers in a timely manner. But remember this, your schedule should be full as you have lots of business to take care of. Prospective customers will understand this and appreciate the fact they have access to a credible expert who is in high demand. Even if you don't have a lot of business, you need to "fake it until you make it". Take time to qualify prospects and don't give in to giving them a meeting on the same day they call you. This is one way that you can talk yourself right out of a sale before the process even begins.

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