Friday, July 25, 2008

"Flashback" Friday: "Thank You" Cards Work

Do you want an easy way to set yourself apart from your competitors? How about looking into hand-written "thank you" cards? As the internet and computers come to dominate our lives more, personal mail is becoming less frequent. All of us are getting less personalized hand-written mail as each day passes. We all still appreciate it, however, when we recieve something hand-written in the mail.

Sending out hand-written "thank you" cards will go a long way in building rapport with your prospects and customers. Keep a stack in your car (they are dirt cheap at any office store!) and write one after the first meeting with a prospect when you leave. Two or three sentences will do fine. Drop it in the mail as soon as you get back in your office or when you go home for the day. This will instantly set you apart from your competitors. It is professional, personal, and should be expected from top salespeople.

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In the age of e-cards a hand written card will really set you apart. If you want to go a step further birthday and holiday cards will keep your name in front of your clients, and are usually received warmly if they are thoughtful and well written.