Thursday, July 31, 2008

The "Blue Collar" Salesperson

All right, I must mention that I have a deep affection for "blue collar" folks. After all, my father was blue collar all the way down the line and I did serve five years in the Marine Corps. In my heart of hearts, I still feel like I'm blue collar, too.

What I'm going to talk about here is completely different from those kinds of definitions, however. I want to speak about the blue collar salesperson and how this individual operates.

The blue collar salesperson is certainly a hard worker. This individual makes the extra sales calls, relies on cold calling for almost all new business, and typically works over 60 hours a week in maintaining & developing their customers. This individual never reads books and may have come from a background outside of sales. They rarely if ever make important contacts (non-customers, but important people like mentors or folks that are in a great position to give referrals) that can improve their sales numbers with less work. In short, the blue collar salesperson is very dedicated, but is certainly headed for a huge burnout in his selling career. Even though they are capable of producing great sales numbers, they will many times leave the selling profession because of overwhelming stress.

Are you a blue collar salesperson? If so, that is ok, I was at one point my career as well. Do yourself and your selling future a favor, however. Take some of that hard work and put it into educating yourself to be a more productive salesperson. Your family, friends, heart, and the selling profession as a whole will appreciate this move more than you'll ever know.