Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Product Dump...Please Don't Do It!

The product dump is the most overused and overrated sales tactic that exists. It bores prospects and causes thousands of salespeople to lose sales. Since most company sales training programs simply cover products or services, salespeople (especially new ones) are lured into using this as their main way to gain new business. This is a big mistake.

Would you like someone to go on and on about a product or service you don't even need? Many salespeople, even veteran salespeople, launch into a product dump before even finding out the needs of a prospect!

I am being a little harsh, however, I have made this mistake as well. Be interesting, ask questions about their customers, ask about their website, just do something other than a product dump. Arm wrestling a prospect for business is more effective than performing a product dump in most cases. So start lifting weights, and stop dumping!

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