Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Will Fultz's Bio

Will Fultz is the author of Top Sales Blog, a contributing member of the Sales Bloggers Union, an Internet marketer, and a still a practicing salesperson for a Fortune 500 paint & coatings company.

Will is a former Marine who was honorably discharged after serving from 1996-2001. In 2002, he started his outside sales career. Since 2005, Will has worked directly at the manufacturing level in sales.

In his current industry, Will has achieved overwhelming success in both industrial and commercial coatings, becoming a trusted business advocate to his clients. He has received numerous sales awards for high double-digit sales increases annually, triple-digit sales increases on a monthly/quarter basis, and the ability to obtain large volumes of market share from his competitors in record time by providing solid business solutions to his clients that have increased their bottom line.

Will currently works in the industrial coatings industry, but also runs one the most successful sales blogs on the net at Top Sales Blog, where he supplies other sales professionals with sales commentary and insightful articles. In November of 2008, Will accepted an invitation to join the Sales Bloggers Union, which is a group of sales experts who combine forces to post on a different sales topic every two weeks. Will is also a contributor to the top sales community sites such as Sales Management 2.0 and Sales Gravy (where he has attained "sales guru" status).

In May of 2009, Will received a Pinnacle Sales Award & Ring from his company for his 2008 sales performance. Since December of 2009, Will has been working in a marketing and product development role as a Product Manager.

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